Holiday money for Cyprus

My teenage son is going to Ayia Napp next week. What is the best way to take holiday money? Cash, travellers cheques or money card?

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Jun 29, 2012
Cyprus holiday money
by: Helen (website owner)

Ayia Napa has plenty of banks so you can use all three options but you may want to consider:

How sensible is your son with money? If he's likely to lose cash or get drunk and have it stolen, then I would only recommend a small amount in cash.

Travellers cheques will incur bank charges and Cyprus banks charge all their customers for everything at quite high rates, so I would personally avoid them, but they are safe in the sense that only the holder can cash them.

Bear in mind though that banks are only open in the morning till 1.30pm and as teenagers on holiday will party till the small hours and spend the morning in bed...

For me, a currency card is a good option and many of the modern money cards give good euro exchange rates. See my page on best currency exchange rates for more information. They can be used in cash machines and also at restaurants at any time of the day.

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