Hire cars for crossing the Cyprus border

by William Oswald

I can only get a flight into Larnaca for my required dates,so I need to drive from Larnaca to Kyrenia. Can I get a hire care that will cover me insurance wise in the northern part?

Best regards

Bill Oswald

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Feb 04, 2017
Easy Life
by: JAB

Just hire the car, on the internet from the South (Turkish) near your destination - and they pick you up from the airport as part of the deal. Its so relaxing to be driven across the border in a taxi after a long flight - It's what we do every year.

Try Chariot Cars

Mar 04, 2011
Crossing the Cyprus border with a hire car - tips
by: John Murphy

It is possible to take a hire car from the south to the north but take care!
Some companies will charge you an additional insurance fee which when you get to the border will not be recongnised, so you will have to pay to the north companies again. Although finding such companies is difficult and the extra hassle you could well do without, the benefits are worth it.

If you are staying in the north for any length of time and exploring is your thing then the south has a lot to offer. The north, although steeped in history is a very much quiet backwater type of place, but if you want a day or two of the nightlife that holidays require, then a trip to the south is essential.

Nov 11, 2010
Cost of insurance for crossing Cyprus border
by: Helen (website owner)

Insurance can be taken for a day, a month, 6 months or a year.

It varies by vehicle type but for an average saloon car, cost for 1 day is approx Euros 8, 1 month is Euros 25 and a year is Euros 120+. Most people take out a month as they plan to stay overnight in the North. Sorry I couldn't remember the 1 day cost last time we went across as we took out a month's insurance.

Nov 09, 2010
Insurance costs
by: Lady Julia

Can anyone tell me the cost of insurance bought at the border for taking a hire car into Northern Cyprus?

May 28, 2009
Car Hire
by: Anonymous

We are hiring a car from the south, because during our stay we will be travelling on both sides. North cars aren't allowed south. Thanks

May 26, 2009
car hire
by: Anonymous

Why don't you hire the car from the Turkish part of Nicosia and they pick you up from the airport as part of the deal

Best regards


May 19, 2009
Car Hire South
by: Anonymous

We are travelling in July and hiring a car from Cosmos car rental. They let you take the car north, but won't provide insurance for the north, we have to buy it at the border. Our only problem is we don't know what time the kiosks close, as we arrive at night or if we can buy before we arrive.

Apr 29, 2009
Hire cars to travel from south to North
by: Bill

Thank you for your comments Helen,most appreciated

Best regards


Apr 29, 2009
Cyprus hire cars
by: Helen

To my knowledge, I don't think any hire car company in Southern Cyprus will allow you to take your car across the border. It's because there is no comeback if you have an accident ie insurance won't cover you mainly as it would be difficult if not impossible to reclaim any monies from an insurance company based in the North.

Your best bet is to take a bus or taxi to Nicosia. Cross the border on foot and hire a car in the North. You should check out hire car companies based there to arrange a pick up at the border or take a taxi to Kyrenia from the border.


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