Hiking and other activities in Cyprus with a baby

by Emilis Salmova

Aphrodite trail, Akamas Cyprus

Aphrodite trail, Akamas Cyprus

We will be travelling to Cyprus in May (01-08) with our 6 month old baby.

I was wondering what activities you would recommend?

For example, I am a keen walker and would have done the Aphrodite Trail in the blink of an eye before, but now with the baby I am not sure how suitable the trail is. What is its difficulty level?

Does anyone have experience with a baby on Cyprus that you can share?

Thanks a lot!

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Apr 10, 2010
Things to do with a small baby in Cyprus
by: Helen

I've attached a picture of part of the Aphrodite trail. This section has large rocks and while you can walk around many of them, sometimes you need to "scramble" by using your hands and legs - if you are carrying a baby this would be difficult but if the baby is carried in a pack on your back this would make it easier.

Remember that it will be hot in May so you would also need to protect the baby from the sun - is this possible in a backpack? I don't know.

For this trail and any other sporting activity I guess it comes down to how adventurous you are and how much risk you want to take with a small child.

If you can carry and protect the baby safely and still perform the activity then fine, if not I would exercise caution.

It's probably one of the reasons I don't have kids - didn't want to give up on doing all the fun things while they were small!

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