Healthcare when moving to Cyprus

We are looking to come and live in Cyprus next year. If you are on prescribed medication here, how does it work in Cyprus?

What would I need to do about getting registered with a local doctor?

How does the cost work out for prescriptions?

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards

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Dec 02, 2016
Healthcare in Cyprus
by: Helen

The answer partly depends on your age. If you are receiving a pension, then there is full reciprocal healthcare ie. medication is covered by the Cyprus system.

If you are not yet at retirement age. then you have the reciprocal healthcare card E111 I think it's called which is valid for a set period - sorry I'm not sure how long as we work here and have our own private healtn insurance required for our business - after that you will either have to pay for medication or get some kind of insurance cover.

You don't register with a doctor as such like in the UK - they don't hold your records though you can get records sent for specific conditions. Just go to one and pay - not expensive around €20.

Precription costs vary according to what you need. Some drugs are cheap others expensive. But again cost may be covered depending on age.

Sorry I can't help more but I don't visit a doctor very often other than to get an annual medical check and I don't need specific medication.

There are plenty of expats here and social forums etc however who can help when you move.

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