Gourmet Taverna in Kato Paphos - up from the Harbour front,

by maggie
(Peyia, Cyprus, Manchester uk)

From the first mouthful of food at this amazing Taverna, freshness, quality and excellent service stands out above the rest.

The food is of amazing quality, all salad / vegetables picked daily from their own gardens and it shows.
Food is served on beautiful plates, with hot fresh bread made to Charly the owners own recipe.

"Real" napkins are placed onto your knee by waiters who are extremely welcoming, wine arives in an ice bucket, glasses refilled by your waiter, and this professional is at lunchtime menu, and the prices are lunch time prices, not stuffy at all...there is a joy to eating here and laughter comes easy.
Try a coffe it comes with a scattering of cinnamon on top, hot chocolate arives in it's own little pot for you to pour.

For lunch I love the Feta Salad with a portion of chips, scrumptious. The salad contains lots of freshly picked herbs with a beautiful dressing.... or try the spicy cheese...oh my word...it is a blend of feta cheese, yoghurt and chili , my mouth is watering as I am typing it is so delicious and I haven't yet mentioned the view, because you are slightly up from Paphos harbour...you look down at the sea and the views below, so you can sit unhurried and watch the day go by at a relaxed and slow pace.

Night times finds an a lacarte menu of excellence; tiny cups of home made soup start your amazing meal, there are lots on the menu to choose from, I love their Kleftico, the slow cooked lamb that melts in your mouth, but the Gourmet Taverna is also very well known by locals as the best place to go to for the best steaks and the steaks are out of this world.

I can strongly recommend for desert, both the Chocolate Lava Cake......a hot chocolate sponge cake with hot runny chocolate in the centre when you cut into it and Maria's own home baked Orange cake drenched in an orange and cinnamon syrup, it is the yummiest cake I have ever tasted in my life and be warned moreish.

The suroundings, the Taverna is stylishly decorated,using wood, stone and marble. The napkins and tableware of excellent quality.The toilets are spotlessly clean and beautifully done with black marbled floors and chineese style square sinks, no detail has been missed.

So please for a dining experience above the rest,
I would say try The Gourmet Taverna, Kato Paphos. Walk up from the Harbour towards the Annabelle Hotel, it is next to Tea for Two and has a fountain next to it. Enjoy and I bet you go back again after your first visit.

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