Gluten free products in Northern Cyprus

by Pauline Trick
(Beverley, East Yorkshire, England)

We hope to come to Cyprus near Kyrenia next year. I am a coeliac and wonder if gluten free products are available in Northern Cyprus.

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May 21, 2012
Coeliac products in North Cyprus
by: Helen

I don't know the answer as to whether you can buy gluten free products in the TRNC as I live in the Republic of Cyprus in the South.

The last time I visited Kyrenia, I don't remember seeing any large supermarkets around the town on the main highway etc. The small shops we went into certainly only had a very basic range of foodstuffs.

That said, there are plenty of ex pats living in Northern Cyprus and some of them must be allergic to wheat, so there must be somewhere you can buy gluten free stuff.

I would recommend, as I have done to all the other enquiries about buying gluten free items in Cyprus, that you bring a small supply of gluten free products with you.

Either that or just don't eat wheat based products while you are here. The Mediterranean diet does not have to include wheat, pasta or other products containing gluten. Think fish, salad, bbq meats, lots of fruit, rice etc.

Most of us when visit another country have to adapt to different foods and if there are things we don't like or can't eat, try something else.
It's fund to experiment :)

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