Gluten free food in Cyprus

by Mrs.Satwant Bindra
(Leicester, England)

We are going on a 3 week self catering holiday to Cyprus. Our teenager is coeliac. Can you advise of any supermarket and restaurants that would cater for us. We do know there are Carrefour stores in Larnaca, would you know if they sell coeliac products ?

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May 21, 2015
Gluten free restaurant in paphos
by: Anonymous

Hi we are visit paphos in August 2015 which we have been many times before but in the last year I have been diagnosed coeliac, after looking around and e mailing two of are favourite restaurants the windmill have a gluten free menu and also gustso on the tomb of the kings road also do a few gluten free dishes and my favourite is the jack Daniels ribs hope this helps

Mar 09, 2015
restaurants in Cyprus
by: Procopis

In Nicosia Just Italian, g.f. pasta
In Limassol Artima and Draft restaurants near the castle offer gluten free pasta.
In Protaras, Kiklos Greek restaurant offer g.f. bread and Sunrise hotel and Just Italian g.f pasta.
In Paphos Pinguino restaurant and Luigis pizzeria

Aug 14, 2014
Gluten free food Paphos
by: Martin little

Just wanted to add further information about gluten free food as I am in Cyprus at the moment, you can buy gluten free bread and pasta etc in the Alpha mega hypermarket just up the road from Debenhams it's a great store and we found it very useful as our 2 children are coeliac.

And there is also a bakery called Zorbas that will order you in gluten free bread at a decent price, it will take 3 days to arrive As they only get deliveries on a Monday Wednesday and Saturday but very helpful if your stuck for fresh bread.

Jul 19, 2014
No Worries
by: Carol Taylor

Worry no more Papa Antonios supermarket opposite Debenhams stock loads of GlutonFree food.
If you are Ceoliac bit of advice, Print a few copies of in the language of the country you are visiting, show it in any resturant if they don't have any idea what to do LEAVE.

Mar 12, 2014
Gluten free
by: Annee

Pinguino cafe near the front at Kato Paphos, and I am told there is a bakery in Cloraks. I've also found that papantoniou sells gluten free bread and cookies.

Feb 09, 2012
Gluten free food in supermarkets
by: Anonymous

Papantoniou and Debenhams supermarkets have many items and there is an online shop that sells.

May 02, 2011
gluten free restaurants in Cyprus
by: Anonymous

JUST ITALIAN ristorante ( there are two, one in Nicosia in the Egomi area next to the coffee beanery and one in Paralimni under the name Kapparis ristorante) has gluten free pasta and dishes.
There is also a cafe restaurant in Paphos at the street by the sea in Kato paphos - I think it is called "penguin" that offers gluten free dishes.
Good luck

Apr 10, 2011
Cyprus Coeliac Association
by: hats

I suggest you contact the Cyprus Coeliac Association. for information.

Mar 16, 2011
Supermarkets with gluten free food in Cyprus
by: Helen

Not sure about Carrefour as I don't shop there, but the Papantoniou chain sells gluten free products and many organic, bio friendly products to suit all dietary needs.

As for restaurants, I don't live in Larnaca (we are opposite side of island) I can't comment, but if the ones on the Paphos side are anything to go by, then you will just have to avoid wheat based food products as none of the restaurants specifically do gluten-free meals.

I would recommend bringing a small quantity of gluten free bread/essentials with you to avoid a stressful shopping trip when you first arrive.

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