Giving Birth in Cyprus

I am going on holiday to Cyprus. I am not due for another 10 weeks, but wanted to know what to do in the event that something happened and my baby came early. We are staying in Pissouri, but obviously if anything were to happen we would need to travel to the most advanced baby hospital on the island. Any ideas?

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Jun 18, 2012
Private Clinics in Cyprus
by: Anonymous

One of the best private clinics is the Polyclinic Zoodochou Pigis. 7-9 Antisthenous Street Limassol.
+357 25381277.
You will receive excellent care at these well equipped private hospitals, however your N.H.S. E111 will not cover you for treatment at these, only the general hospitals run by the Cyprus Health Service. You may expect to pay around €1000, a day for treatment. Make sure your insurance covers this, or you have sufficient funds. Good luck.

Jun 18, 2012
Having a baby in Cyprus
by: Helen

I'm no expert as I'm not a mother! But Cyprus has many excellent doctors including paediatricians, so if your baby does come early, then will be able to get prompt good medical attention.

All main towns have general hospitals though some are small, for instance in Polis (I'm not sure about Pissouri - if it has a hospital, it will be very small).

Limassol is a 20 minute drive from Pissouri and is the best place for you in case of an emergency/early birth.

You can either go to the general hospital or visit one of the many private hospitals there - there is one called the Ygia which is large and very good with highly qualified consultants in all areas.

Please note however that you will have to pay at all of the private clinics and either claim the cost back from your insurance provider (check you are covered!) or swallow the cost yourself.

I suggest if you are worried, you do some research online about the various private hospitals available first and take their telephone numbers, together with the number for the General in Limassol with you just in case.

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