Getting from Turkey to S Cyprus

by Thomas

I have a US Passport and was wondering the easiest way I can get from Turkey to Southern Cyprus?

Thank you!

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Nov 26, 2009
Turkey - Southern Cyprus
by: Helen Buckley

I agree with the comments already made. I have made this journey quite easily by flying from Adana airport to Ercan, getting the service bus from the airport to the bus terminal 7YTL (Turkish Lira), taxi to the border Ledra palace 10 YTL, cross by foot (do not attempt to take 'duty free' as generally my experience is that you get goods consficated particuarly cigarettes!)Cross border and walk to bus stops where you can get buses to a number of destinations in southern Cyprus. Be aware that it is best to do this during the day as buses stop at around 6pm from Nicosia.

Good Luck!
Anything else you need just ask!

Nov 25, 2009
How to get from Turkey to Cyprus (South)
by: Helen

You cannot fly direct from Turkey to southern Cyprus - this is due to the "Cyprus problem." Likewise you cannot fly from the southern part of Cyprus direct to Turkey.

Your options are either:

1 Fly from Turkey to the TRNC Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - Ercan airport -(NB the "Northern" part of Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey), cross the border at Nicosia then continue into the South.

2 Fly from Turkey to another country eg Israel (40 mins by air from Cyprus) then direct to Southern Cyprus from there.

Neither option is "easy" but that's because you are starting from Turkey.


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