Fishing in Cyprus

by tim

I'm hoping to go on a fishing trip in October this year in Ayia napa, Cyprus. Is there still a good chance we will be catching fish as I'm not familiar with seasons and fish. Many thanks

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Apr 24, 2012
Cyprus fishing
by: Helen

You don't say where you plan to fish but if you staying in Ayia Napa you only have one option - the sea! There are no reservoirs in the Ayia Napa region as the resport is not close to mountains.

In the sea, you can catch fish all year round, though stocks are depleting.

Most people who fish that I know of have special licences to fish in the various lakes and reservoirs around the island. I'm not sure if you need a licence for sea fishing but I suspect you do.

I don't fish so I don't know any more details than that sorry.

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