Feb 2021 Coronavirus in Cyprus

Read the latest Feb 2021 Coronavirus in Cyprus update.

covid 19 cyprus Cyprus almost Covid 19 free
- Ranked 5th in handling of virus

Feb 2021 LATEST COVID UPDATE - Like most of Europe, Cyprus had a second VERY STRICT lockdown for 3 weeks in January after a spike in cases and hospital numbers. Restrictive measures have worked with cases reduced by 90% so restrictions are gradually being lifted.

January lockdown restrictions are being lifted so haircuts are allowed again, but we still have a curfew in place from 9pm to 5am and permission to leave home up to twice per day is required via SMS approval.

Large shops re-open on February 8th but hospitality must wait until March 1st, so only takeaways are allowed from restaurants, cafes and coffee shops.

Freedom is therefore still restricted and many people are struggling financially, but at least we have good weather right now as the winter has been very mild and is almost over. Spring will bring brighter days!

Cyprus is a SAFE holiday destination - Feb 2021 Coronavirus in Cyprus

The think tank called Lowy Institute recently ranked Cyprus 5th in a Covid Performance Index of almost 100 countries for its successful handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

While the country's previously successful Track and Trace programme became overwhelmed once cases rose above 300 per day (from double digits in the summer), the government introduced various measures from early November onwards to combat the virus.

kayak in cyprus Sea Caves Paphos
Kayak among the rocks before Jan lockdown

This included removing the UK, in particular, from the allowed list of countries for entry once cases in the UK started to accelerate out of control towards the end of 2020.

Thankfully, the strict measures have worked, so restrictions are slowly being lifted, though the SMS permission and curfew remains for now.

Soon we will be back on the water paddling and enjoying the wonderful mild winter that has continued since December when this kayak picture was taken.

Strict health and safety protocols are in place covering all re-opened businesses with masks compulsory for staff, regular weekly testing and relevant social distancing rules in place.

We feel VERY safe here in Cyprus and, while airports remain open, negative PCR tests are required for most countries.

From March 1st, Cyprus will adopt the new European traffic light systen for categorising countries for entry. The Cyprus Flight Pass website will be updated daily with relevant country restrictions and all travellers must obtain their flight pass before departure.

Cyprus is Covid-19 Safe

While many people are still wary of travelling while Covid-19 is still in circulation, visitors to Cyprus can be confident that they will be safe in Cyprus. Aside from the relevant health and safety protocols that will be in place in hotels and holiday accommodation, visitors will be tested for Covid-19 on a random basis to minimise any possible spread of the virus.

With the vaccine now being rolled out across the world, we hope that by summer, Cyprus will be welcoming visitors back in high numbers to our beautiful island.

Please support small family-run hotels like the Paradisos hotel in tranquil Lysos if looking for a quiet safe place to spend your holiday in Cyprus. They will welcome you with open arms and really need your support.

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