Excellent Ecological Products, Rainbow Products Cyprus Limassol, 99 89 99 19

by Elizabeth Photiou
(Limassol, Cyprus)

Drinking from certain plastic bottles can cause health problems, such as Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer as they cntain BPA, an abbreviation for a harmful substance called Bisphenol A.

Our company Rainbow Products believes that caring for your health and for the environment is very important so we founded our company just for that reason.

We offer a large variety of Excellent Quality Ecological Products from a variety of Funky Size and Colour Stainless Steel Bottles and colourful Insulated Cozy Covers, Classy Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles and Stainless Steel Sandwich boxes,Stunning Lead Free Glass Bottles, Stainless Steel and Glass Straws, and Wacky Chilly Stones!
You can view all our Awesome Products on our user friendly website, Facebook page and also buy online too!
Make a beautiful difference to Cyprus, Buy something Eco Today!

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