E4 walking trail in Cyprus

by Christopher Rediske
(Embassy Nicosia)

I am organizing a tour of the whole E4 trail for members at the American Embassy here in Cyprus. I would like to receive maps and any other helpful info such as camping spots along the trail. Thank you.

Christopher S. Rediske
American Embassy Nicosia
Metochiou & Ploutarchou Streets
2407 Engomi, Nicosia

Business Phone 22 393332
Home Phone 22 326869
email: rediskecs@state.gov
or: ski_Christopher@yahoo.com

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Apr 11, 2011
E4 in Cyprus
by: Gavsdad

I live part of the year in Oraklini, E4 passes my door. I can find no maps in Cyprus or the UK - other than very large scale varesions - that are suitable for walking. I have made several attempts at E4, turning both left and right along my road. The only option I find is to walk, follow the signs and hope for the best. I walked part of the section betwen Pyla and Lavadia last week and gave up, through lack of signs, between Oriklini and Lavadia. I went off-route at one point and found another set of signs! Pot-Luck all round - but who cares, the scenery is good!

Dec 04, 2010
Walking the E4 Cyprus
by: Helen

The reason that little information exists is that not many people do it! Be the first and explore and post your comments back here.

As previously advised I only know the western sections well and you will be close to towns. Camping at Stavros, agro tourism places in certain villages nearby. When you go the Troodos section it is far wilder and there are very few villages until you get close to Troodos square itself.

Get the main map of the island and plan a route (stick to the west in my opinion) then you will see which towns are nearby and you can contact the tourist office for more information.

Nov 29, 2010
Information on the E-Trails in Cyprus
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have a brief summary of their experience on the E4 trail, or any of the other E trails?
I would definitely like to walk one of the trails however there seems to be very limited information on it. I only plan on walking for 1 month to 1 and a 1/2 months so I would not be doing the whole trail.

Do the trails pass through towns often for food and water?
Are there campgrounds near the trails?
Can you camp on the trail?
Is it a trail base more along streets or the wild?

Ron MacEnroy

Apr 21, 2010
Camping near Larnaca
by: Helen

Sorry I don't know about the camping sites on the east of the island as I'm based in Polis on the west.

Best to contact the CTO in Larnaca.

I can only help with suggestions for accommodation in the Polis/Paphos area, all of which is available on various pages on the site eg Paphos hotels, Polis hotesl etc. or as mentioned already the camp sites in Polis and at Stavros forest station.

Apr 21, 2010
e4 walking trail
by: Anonymous

Actualy after a long review and talk with other members we are planning to do the whole route over a period of months such as one part the 1st weekend of the month and the second part of map one the 3rd weekend of the month, can we camp at the first forest reserve after larnaka airport?

Apr 20, 2010
Maps for E4 trail in Cyprus
by: Helen

There are no detailed maps of Cyprus showing the E4 trail readily available. See my E4 walking trail page for downloading the Cyprus map which shows the route. You will then need to get hold of relevant sections of the country egg Paphos/Troodos from the CTO but these do not show all sections of the E4.

For accommodation, camping is ok near Polis (Polis camp site) and in some parts of the mountains eg at Stavros forest station where there is a camp site but otherwise you'd need to either pitch a tent whenever tired or plan a route where you can drive to the nearest village/town.

Accommodation options are far more limited in the mountain areas.

Please note that the entire route is 640km so your group will need to be fit walkers capable of hiking 40-50km per day unless you plan to take a month or more to walk the route. If time is more limited I would suggest you just walk the more scenic parts of the route in the west near Polis/Latchi.

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