E4 Trail in November/December

by Dor
(South Africa)

I am planning on hiking part of the E4 trail from Paphos airport. We are coming from South Africa and the only available time we have is late November early December. Is it possible to do the trail at this time? Are there route markers along the path or do we need to use additional maps?

Thank you for your help!

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Aug 12, 2019

by: Helen

You can hike the E4 trail at any time of year. You may get some rain in early December but not much usually and the temperature is much lower - early 20s at most so great for hiking.

You are best to use one of the tourist maps which has the E4 marked on it. There are "markers" along the way - yellow diamond shaped markers on posts, but you need to "start" the path somewhere along the E4 trail. The trail starts from Paphos airport through the start point is not that easy to find!

You can find a detailed map here

E4 maps

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