E4 Cyprus accomodation options

by Jerome

I'm planning a very long route in 2016, bringing us on foot from home in Switzerland to Larnaca, via the E4 path. That will be about 3500km in 6 months, if everything goes well ;-)

Thus said, I can't really find or buy any satisfying specifical material about Cyprus, and that's where I come to you !

Can you please have a look at this day route (which by the way seems really strenous to me) and tell me about the accomodation options that would be on our way ? So far, here's our plan :

Day1 - Pafos airport – Tsada : 27km (10h)
Day2 - Tsada – Pegeia (Agios Georgios) : 32km (11h)
Day3 - Pegeia (Agios Georgios) – Loutra Tis Afroditis/Neo Chorio : 38km (13h)
Day4 - Loutra Tis Afroditis – Kritou Tera : 26km (9h)
Day5 - Kritou Tera – Lysos : 24km (9h)
Day6 - Lysos – Stavros Tis Psokas forest station : 23km (9h)
Day7 - Stavros Tis Psokas forest station – Kykkou(s) monastery : 26/39km (11h)
Day8 - Kykkou(s) monastery – Prodromos/Agios Georgios Kapourallis : 34/24km (13h)
Day9 - Prodromos/Agios Georgios Kapourallis – Platania : 32.5/29km (10h)
Day10 - Platania – Panagia Tou Araka : 15/13km (5h)
Day11 - Panagia Tou Araka – Stavros Agiasmati : 7.5km (3h)
Day12 - Stavros Agiasmati – Fikardou : 24/27km (9h)
Day13 - Fikardou – Delikipos Park : 45.5/39.5km (13h)
Day14 - Delikipos Park –Klavdia/Stazousa : 28.5km (11h)

Thank you so very much for your time, we'll be happy to get any of your precious help for planning this trip ! Regards, Jerome and Sabine (jcuenoud@gmail.com)

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Feb 16, 2015
Where to stay on the E4 Cyprus route
by: Helen

There are limited accommodation options on much of the E4 route especially in the forest sections/Troodos area. Camping is an option or even a necessity in some cases - see my camping page for campsites in Troodos area. Otherwise look for agrotourism village houses as an option though for one night stays, you may be limited as I think most of them ask for more than one night to rent a village house.

In the Paphos area (first week) you have the choice of agro tourism accommodation or small hotels. Neo chorio/Lysos/Kritou tera all have village houses/agrotourism properties and/or hotels - see my Polis accommodation page.

At Stavros you can camp or rent a "hut" for walkers - basic but cheap!

For the second week in eastern Troodos, Prodromos has several hotels, but otherwise it's very rural, so I suggest googling the specific destinations to see what is available or taking your tents. I'm sorry I don't know of any specific accommodation for those places. Please note depending on the time of year, the Trtoodos can be very cold especially above 1000m. It is currently mid February and there is a lot of snow on the mountains so be prepared.

Good luck with your ambitious walking itinerary on the Cyprus E4!

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