Driving in Cyprus

by Eileen

I am 77 and want to know can I drive my friends car while in Cyprus on his insurance. If not, can I drive on my own insurance?

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Jul 20, 2012
Car insurance in Cyprus
by: Helen (website owner)

It entirely depends on your friend's insurance policy. Firstly, does it allow for other people to drive on the policy - all driver policies can be expensive but most companies allow you to add a driver for a limited period to keep the cost down. Secondly, is there an age limit on the policy - many insurance policies only allow drivers up to the age of 75 for example.

You can only use your own insurance policy if it states that you can drive other cars and you would need to check that it applies to driving another driver's car OVERSEAS. I would have thought that most UK policies would not allow you to drive a foreign registered car belonging to another driver - the cost of dealing with a foreign insurance company for instance would probably make the policy too expensive.

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