Dog walking in Limassol area Cyprus

We have recently rescued a beautiful pointer dog after she was left tied to a gate for some days. She is very nervous especially of 4x4's and anyone speaking the Greek language which maybe explains some of her history. She requires a lot of exercise but we are struggling to find anywhere where we can legally walk her and also enjoy the countryside and beaches without upsetting the locals and tourists. Can anyone advise where, in or around Limassol and extended areas, we can walk with our dog? She is very well behaved and we clear up any mess as we go! Dek and Jan

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May 24, 2010
Walking in Cyprus with a dog
by: Helen

I'm not too familiar with dog walking areas in Limassol as we live near Polis. I know that most beaches are out of bounds to all dogs and that you have to be careful where you walk due to the risk of poisoning when farmers etc leave down rat poison.

Why not go up to the Troodos area which is only 30 mins by car from Limassol. There are plenty of nature trails near Platres and they're very quiet most of the time so you would be fine with a dog there.

Alternatively contact the local pet rescue centre/animal welfare place in Limassol (in the Paphos area they are advertised in all the local free magazines) - they are bound to know where you can/can't walk your dog.

Update Nov 2011 - having rescued a dog myself in February this year, we have bought a poison kit from the vet and also a snake bite kit. Worth carrying as we know of many animals who have died after eating poison put down for rats.

We stick mainly to gravel trails and rough land around our property and always put our dog on a lead when walking in unfamiliar territory, just in case.

Good luck


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