Diplodenia climbing plant

by Helen (website owner)

Diplodenia picture climbing a wall

Diplodenia picture climbing a wall

Diplodenia picture climbing a wall
Diplodenia close up photo

These pictures of a beautiful climbing plant called diplodenia is one of my Cyprus gardening success stories.

I wanted something colorful to grow against the stone wall at the front of our house, a plant that could withstand intense full sun in summer but also strong winds and part-shade in winter.

So off I went to a local garden centre last December and the knowledgeable local who ran it advised me to buy a diplodenia - not that he called it that in Greek!

It has rubbery leaves, lives in a pot and entwines its way up a trellis in no time. In March, it starts to flower...and flower...and flower. Literlaly non-stop until early October when the half the leaves turned yellow (I thought the plant was dying!) drop off and new growth buds start to emerge ready for next spring.

A friend told me the name of this amazing climbing plant so I looked it up and found lots of pictures just like my diplodenia. I can strongly advise anyone who thinks they will kill any plant to try this one. It's bomb-proof and they come in lots of different colours.

I think this particular variety is a mass flowering version as the one my friend has only produces a fraction of the blooms compared to this diplodenia.



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Apr 17, 2015
Diplodenia climbing plant
by: Anonymous

I agree totally regarding the beautiful Diplodenia as after seeing your post I purchased 2 for my Balcony Trellis after trying and failing with a couple of other varieties of supposed flowering climbers. So I bought 1 with Red blooms and one with white in February of this year when they were full of buds but not yet in flower. Anyway, it's now mid April and both of my plants are full of beautiful flowers with new buds appearing all of the time. I am delighted with my plants and would recommend to anyone and everyone as all of my friends and visitors comment how beautiful they are.

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