Dairy free products

by Caroline

Hi, we've been to Cyprus numerous times, but this will be the first time with our son who has a dairy allergy. He will be one when we go in May and I am concerned about the ability to get hold of dairy-replacement foods. Is anyone able to help with what is available in Paphos? We'd particularly be looking for things like soya milk, soy cheese, dairy free spread/margarine, soy yoghurts, etc.

Also, I'm guessing that we're better off not letting him eat anything in a restaurant? It's very difficult even here to make people understand the importance of avoiding cross-contamination... So even if they understood the need to have no dairy, I'm not sure I'd trust that there'd be no contamination! Does anyone have any experience of eating out in Cyprus with a dairy allergy? And anyone able to recommend anywhere that caters for/understands such needs? Thanks in advance!

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Mar 18, 2016
Help, dairy and soya free!
by: Anonymous

Having the same problem as other people about whether dairy free options are available. However my son is allergic dairy and soya. Can anybody help whether oat or almond milk is available from local supermarkets in paphos? Thank you in advance.

Apr 03, 2014
Dairy free eating in Cyprus
by: Helen

First you will have no problem finding diary free products in Paphos. Papantoniou and Alpha Mega both have good organic health food sections (though I have to admit our local Polis store usually has much more stock than the larger Paphos store). They sell all sorts of dairy free products including soya milk etc.

In terms of eating out, I'm not 100% sure on the cross contamination front. I usually advise people to only order typical Cypriot grilled food ie. grilled pork/chicken etc with fresh salads (ask them to omit the feta which is dairy) which do not contain any dairy products.

But in the kitchen, a cook's hands may have touched dairy products...

I would advise that you tell staff at the restaurant when you arrive about your son's allergy, then if necessary, ask them to go into the kitchen to watch his meal being prepared, so you can check the cook has washed his hands first then not touched anything else while preparing the food.

Good luck

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