Cyprus rescue cat Skipper, given less than 1% to live at age 3 - 4 month. She is 4 now.

by Sunlight
(Limassol, Cyprus)

Skipper the cat picture

Skipper the cat picture

First I like to tell sorry if I make mistake how I write. My native language is not English, but I love cats. :D I have a lot, I adopted them from the street. Each of them has a story. Now I like to tell you about the first cat, who I got in this country 4 years ago.

My husband and I had a same work. We changed each other. For years ago I went to work in the morning. My husband was sad and called me outside, he wanted to show me something. How I looked his face I knew a cat came and most probably we could not help. We had no much money we could not take them to the doctor, we just helped the street cats with food, water, and milk.

In this time we had 30 street cats who came to eat every day. I went outside after my husband who show me a 3 - 4 month old cat who had open broken leg. I knew her, I always took food for her and her mother. We talked a lot and we decided to take her to the hospital. I stayed to work and my husband left with the cat. He came back alone and told me the news. He got 2 hours to decide what he wanted. The doctor did not give 1% chance for the cat. Her leg was not just broken it was already infected, too.

We again talked and we decided. She had to get a chance to stay alive. So my husband went back to the hospital to tell what we decided. After 2 - 3 hours he came back with a cat. Poor cat had two stay in her box for a long time to did not touch the floor, did not get more infection. The doctor said if she lived three days she had 10 % chance. And she lived. She was with us 24 hours we never let home alone. But she was in the box, closed, she could run only when we covered the floor with clean clothes. It was hard and for us and for the cat, but she won her life.

And after about two month she could go out from the box, she was healthy. :D After a year my husband took her back to the doctor, and the doctor cried little, he could not believe that cat stay alive who got no 1% to live. :D

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Jan 30, 2014
great!!! just great
by: xenia

Dear friends! You are real heroes! I love cats too, but I have never kept one. Yesterday an injured cat came to me, now she is awaiting a front leg amputation, and her neck is twisted... Are you still in Limassol? Do you know someone who could take the cat after the surgery? I don't live here stably, so I can't... if I only could I would take her... please contact me on obosoblenq(at)

Jun 01, 2010
Rescue cat Skipper
by: Helen

What a beautiful story Sunlight. So many people in the world do nothing to help otherwise helpless animals even when they can afford to. Skipper is truly lucky to have found your happy home where love for another person/animal/whatever brings more happiness than money ever could.

Thanks for sharing your story and your lovely photograph.


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