Cyprus Long distance path E4 trail

I would like to walk through the long distance path E4 trail, but I feel worried about the total distance and where to find accommodation during the night time.

Are there any spots during the trail for camping?
And how much time does is required to walk the entire trail?

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Feb 05, 2013
Walking the E4 trail in Cyprus
by: Helen (website owner)

If you read my page on the E4 trail, you will see that the Cyprus section is 640km long, so would take AT LEAST two weeks, assuming you are a fit experienced walker, capable of covering 45-50km each day.

There are accommodation options near the sections closest to towns, for example near Larnaca, Paphos and Polis, but when the route enters the forest areas, there is very little in terms of accommodation as there are no major towns nearby.

Campsites exist across the island, but not always close to the E4 route, so you would need to plan how far you need to walk each day to reach the next campsite and/or accommodation stop. There is nothing, of course, preventing you from setting up camp wherever you feel like in the forest, if you have the relevant camping gear with you, although you would need to careful not to start any fires away from designated campsites. It depends how adventurous you are!

See my camping in Cyprus page for locations of the various campsites, of which there are several on the E4 trail, for example at Stavros forest station and also in the Troodos area, close to the E4 trail.

I would recommend that you don't attempt to walk the E4 trail in Cyprus in the winter months between mid December and mid March, owing to the risk of heavy rain which may wash away some of the trail. Any damaged sections are replaced by the Forestry department, but only when the rains have stopped from mid to end March onwards.

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