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I am doing a project on Cyprus and I would like to know of any strange laws.

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Apr 23, 2009
Law in Cyprus
by: Helen

Cyprus law is based on the British system. See our About Cyprus page for further information.

If there are any strange laws here you can blame the British - not that I am aware of any.

For information, most laws here are ignored. For instance, every Cypriot (and most foreigners too) drive using their mobile phone; many don't wear seatbelts; many drivers ignore red lights; most Cypriots don't own a dog license - but most British people do!
Many many people drink and drive - more foreigners than anyone else in my opinion.

I could go on but that's what makes Cyprus quirky and different. It's not that laws are made to be broken. It's just the Mediterranean way not to atke them seriously!

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