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Catch up with the headlines on the Cyprus latest news Feb2020.

First huge apologies - it has been a LONG time since writing my last news page, partly due to other work but mainly down to various illnesses within the family. Sometimes life gets in the way and other priorities have to come first!

So here's to a fresh start in 2020 and an update on what's been going on here in Cyprus in the last year.

Here's some essential local news from Cyprus in February 2020.

NEW restuarant openings in the Polis area

Tourism numbers hit their highest level in 2019 with almost 4 million tourists recorded. That is over four times the population and several new restaurants have opened or been renovated to cater for the demand.

Akakiko A new Japanese come Chinese style bistro restaurant that is part of a small chain across Cyprus, also offering accommodation in a few rooms upstairs. Situated in a converted old building just off Polis square, Akakiko offers traditional sushi and other Japanese dishes together with fusion-style cuisine mixing East with West.

It's a small tasty menu, although many reviewers have bemoaned the service standards. It can also be a little dark when sitting indoors during the winter evenings, but the outside courtyard is very appealing in the warmer months. Something different and worth a try though personally I don't like the Asian sauces full of GSM!

Finikas A brand new removation of what was previously a traditional Cypriot taverna. The restaurant is located just off the main square opposite popular Moustakallis and now offers a small but very good menu in a Cypriot style but with a brand new twist as old Cypriot dishes are given a new lease of life with beautiful presentation.

Whether a carnivore or a vegan, there is something for you at the new Finikas. You can order tasty quinoa salad for example with a delicately roasted chicken leg or several yummy vegetarian/vegan options. A breath of fresh air for anyone who does not eat meat (or is trying to be flexitarian) and struggles to find a decent veggie option! Highly recommended.

Spoilt for Choice

Fifteen years ago when I loved to Cyprus, it was really hard to buy a lot of items whether it was Marmite, porridge oats or healthy alternatives for those with dietary issues like wheat intolerance.

We are now spoilt for choice with several new supermarkets opening in the last couple of years meaning you can buy pretty much anything here in Cyprus.

The Alphamega hypermarkets - we now have two large stores in Paphos - offer a massive variety of organic produce including dairy and wheat-free alternatives. They stock a range of Tesco products too with excellent prices on many items including Tesco's Finest wine range, oatcakes and palm oil-free crisps.

We also have Lidl stores across the island including two stores in Paphos. I personally only go there for a small number of items that are much cheaper than the main supermarkets - cheese and frozen berry fruits, for example - but their presence has prompted the other supermarkets to keep prices keen.

For everyday fruit and vegetables plus mainy toiletry items, however,it is always cheaper to shop in your local fruitaria or kiosk as the big supermarkets put huge mark-ups on items like toothpaste and shower gel.

If you are visiting Cyprus soon or plan to move here, then you don't need to worry about getting hold of the items you love. And anything you can't find, there's always Amazon...

That's all from my Cyprus Latest News Feb2020.

See you next time.

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