Cyprus Electric Plug

Everything you need to know about travel adaptors for Cyprus.

Want to find out about Cyprus electric plug requirements, so you can use your electric devices here? Then read on...

cyprus universal travel adaptor Universal Travel Adaptor for Cyprus with 3 x USB Ports

Okay hands up! How many times have you forgotten to pack the right electric adaptor for your travels meaning you can't recharge your essential electric items like your mobile phone, laptop or use your hairdryer?

I have, much to my shame and annoyance at having to fork out for an often expensive travel adaptor on arrival!

Save time and the stress of not being able to recharge your phone or use your appliances.

Invest in a universal travel adaptor with a USB port that you can use both in Cyprus and anywhere else in the world.

Tips on Buying the Best Travel Adaptor for the Cyprus Electric Plug

  • Buy a Universal Adaptor - it's the best investment and can be used on all your travels.
  • Buy a GROUNDED travel adaptor - like the one above meaning it has both 2 AND 3 pin options. Why? Because 3 pin plugs have a grounding or earthing pin to fit into a grounded wall socket.
  • Buy QUALITY - if you don't, the pins may break or they won't quite fit in the wall socket correctly.
  • Look for a USB port - you may as well buy a travel adaptor withh at least one USB port for charging phones, cameras or laptops. The great value MyTravelPal travel adaptor above has 3 USB ports and can be used anywhere in the world.

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Cyprus Voltage Requirements and Power Sockets

cyprus plug socket Cyprus plug sockets - same as the UK!

Cyprus electric plug sockets are type G, the same as in the UK. The standard voltage is 240V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz, so all appliances that operate with a voltage requirement of 220-240V can be safely used in Cyprus.

Most modern gadgets like phones and laptops are dual voltage and they switch easily between voltages via a built-in converter.

So if you are travelling from a country like the US that operates on the lower 110-120V system, you will be able to use your appliances if you have a quality universal travel adaptor.

Most European countries have the standard 2-pin C type plugs so travellers from the EU will need to buy a travel adaptor to use their devices in Cyprus.

Tip: Don't try to force a 2-pin plug into the Cyprus 3-pin electric socket, especially if the pins are round. They will probably break or get stuck in the wall socket!

You CAN, however, buy cheap electric plug adaptors from DIY stores (see the image below) that allow you to safely insert a 2-pin appliance into the standard wall sockets here in Cyprus.

cyprus electric plug adaptor Cheap Cyprus Electric Plug Adaptor

Do you need a Cyprus Electric Plug?

If travelling from the UK, you don't need a travel adaptor, but if arriving from Europe or pretty much anywhere else, I recommend you buy a quality universal travel adaptor with at least one USB port so you can charge all your travel gadgets safely.

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