Cyprus Christmas food shopping query

by Jenny
(West Sussex. UK)

A chilled Cyprus cat at the Melitzia Tavern in Tala!

A chilled Cyprus cat at the Melitzia Tavern in Tala!

Your site has been very helpful and made our first stay in Cyprus probably far more enjoyable because of the useful information that we picked up from you. We stayed in Tala in August 2008 and are now coming back (again self-catering in Tala) to experience Christmas and New Year, arriving on the 19th.

My questions may seem a little daft! We plan to eat out and also eat in. (and are hoping that Stamna in Tala will be open and have his open fire burning!!) Although I don't want to prepare a banquet, (if restaurants outside Paphos hotels are the only option on Christmas Day) a token Christmas Dinner will be on the cards.

1. Are turkeys readily available in supermarkets or butchers?
2. I noted many british brands in the supermarkets. Could I get hold of a Christmas pudding or would it be better to pack one!!!?
3. I cannot quite get to grips with the seasonality of fruit and veg in Cyprus as the seasons are much longer and the climate more extreme. What sort of fruit and veg am I likely to find in the shops in December as I want to cook with the season when we are over?
4. Will Latchi and Polis still be 'alive' in December or is everything shut for the season? We loved our trips up there and I would hope to be able to look at the sea and drink coffee.

Speaking of coffee, I have sent you a couple of cups. Keep going with the newsletter please; I love getting it as it brings a little Cyprus back into our lives when we least expect it! I knew when we left last time it would not be our only visit, and I think our December trip will be the start of a few more!!

Warm wishes and thanks in advance

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Sep 24, 2009
Christmas in Cyprus
by: Helen

Hi Jenny

First huge thanks for the coffee! I'm so pleased my humble little site is enjoyed by so many people and so glad you find the information useful.

Now to your questions:

1 Yes turkeys are available over here but many butchers ask you to pre-order however. We tend to place an order with someone like Butcher Boy to get great quality beef (not being turkey lovers) but they do everything. Not sure when you're arriving but you may need to try pot luck if it's just before Xmas - but no different from UK I think?

2 Puds are also available - Mrs Beeton etc. I would bring your own if you like a particular brand.

3 Seasonal fruits in Dec - STRAWBERRIES - just coming into season! Oranges/lemons/apples/pears.
You won't find local cranberries but the shops have them along with pretty much any fruit/veg imported.
Best veg in Dec is broccoli/chard/spinach/rocket/usual potatoes/onions/carrots etc.

But why not try something different if you can't find what you want. You're in the sun and don't necessarily need the traditioinal British Xmas fare?

4 Polis and Latchi are "open" until New years day - then everything shuts down for 6 weeks or so. But Xmas isn't a huge time for celebrating here as Cypriots prefer Easter to "pig out" and make lots of different dishes. You will find many of the kiosks shut on Sunday through Dec/Jan though most are open in the immediate run up to Xmas.

My advice? Do something different when celebrating a "warm" Xmas - we took a bike ride, followed by a swim in the sea then a late Xmas supper with friends last year. Bliss...and all near Latchi sea front.


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