Cost of living in Cyprus

by Cathy turner
(Kent, England)

Approximately how much per day should I allow for a 2 week self catering holiday in Protaras?

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Jul 25, 2012
Cyprus Holiday
by: Cathy Turner

Thnak you Helen and, just for the record, I love Greek/Cypriot food so will be eating local food as much as possible, apart from breakfast, although I may have yoghurt & honey a couple of mornings.

Jul 24, 2012
Self catering costs in Cyprus
by: Helen (website owner)

That's a pretty difficult question without knowing what type of food you like to eat.

So to keep it simple, I'll assume you will need to buy basics like bread, milk, margarine, jam, tea, coffee, biscuits, cereal and yoghurt for breakfast, then budget for a meal for either lunch or dinner including vegetables and either meat or fish.

You will find that most UK branded goods are expensive compared to the Greek equivalent so try to avoid picking up the brands you know and love.

You will need to spend around €30-40 initially to cover breakfast items, then I would allow €10 per day for each meal whether lunch or evening meal to cover the meat/fish and vegetables.

Large supermarkets are usually cheaper and have a wider range of goods but many of the smaller fruit markets have good prices on fruit and veg so shop around.

You will need to buy more basics like bread and milk as the week goes on but assuming one meal per day for self catered meals (and others eaten out like snacks or the occasional taverna dinner), I would budget around €50-60 for breakfast and €150 for 14 self catered meals not including wine/beer.

The only other thing to consider is that if you are visiting during the hot summer months, you will need to budget for air conditioning in your apartment as this is almost always an extra cost due to the high cost of electricity in Cyprus. Check with your apartment owner for daily rates which can be over €5 per day.

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