Claire of Yoga-Flex, Tel: (+357) 99248026

by Claire
(Pegeia, Paphos)

I am a RYT200 qualified Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga teacher, teaching in and around Pegeia, Paphos and surrounding villages. I am also registered with Yoga Alliance which is recognised internationally, including the US.

I had the great fortune to be initiated into the practice of Yoga in its very birthplace, India, when I was living in sense-bombarding New Delhi.

I teach Hatha and Ashtanga yoga at beginner and intermediate level, often using posture flows (Vinyasa).

Yoga has such a beautiful depth: it is not just the action of the asana (posture) on it’s own, but the effect that the posture has on your heart, mind and body that is the real essence of yoga.

Yoga is my passion, and I am therefore very passionate about the way that yoga is taught: I don’t believe that yoga should be taught as an aerobics class, or that students should become totally dependent upon their teacher. My style of teaching is to work on the pureness of Yoga, to help you connect with your inner self and your own atman (inner teacher).

I believe in empowering you to have the confidence, belief and ability to let the yoga postures talk through your body, opening up to allow and accept your unique requirements and to reflect where you are in your life, instead of holding a ‘hollow’ practice, lifted off a page in a textbook.

My clients range from runners and fitness devotees to senior but absolutely full-of-life sailing enthusiasts; from people with limited mobility - not just from having a stiff back,
tight hamstrings or weak knees - but from perhaps being on the heavy side or needing to start loving and respecting themselves again; and from busy people that need ‘express yoga’ on their way to the office to those that are retired and it is as important to them to keep in touch with their toes as much as it is to keep in touch with the news headlines.

I have taught people of many different nationalities: the language of Yoga, taught in the right way, is universal.

In private yoga sessions, the student and I work together to set out a bespoke programme based on their specific needs and aspirations, but even in a class setting, my teaching preference is to work in a format that allows each student an element of individual attention with posture alignment, adjustment suggestion and explanation of options for differing flexibility and fitness levels.

My passion for yoga is truly infectious which naturally comes across in my teaching: many of those whom I have had the privilege of introducing to yoga feel such a connection with this ancient art, it has led them to build yoga into their life pattern. Once people realize that they can connect with their inner self, feel the freedom to step away from their physical body and be who they really are, who would want to let that go?

Please contact me on (+357) 99248026 and I will run through my current class schedule and private tuition options: there are also discounts for signing up for a series of sessions.

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