Chameleon picture taking

by Sarah
(Aldershot, England)

Chameleon picture

Chameleon picture

My magic Cyprus moment was back in the spring this year when we had the pleasure of meeting a colourful chameleon.

Whilst walking with some friends in the pine forest near the pretty village of Lysos, we all stopped when my friend Jo spotted this gorgeous little creature. None of us had ever seen a chameleon close up, so we weren't sure at first what we were looking at. But when he started to move very slowly, we realised that it was our first sighting and a great opportunity for some chameleon picture taking!

This little chameleon was the brightest green imaginable and he moved with such grace, rocking slightly back and forth before putting his next foot (or is it claw?) forward.

To get an idea of just how small he was, we put a mobile phone next to him and he was half the size - stupidly I didn't think to take a photo of the phone alongside him so you could see just how small he reaaly was.

I asked a few locals afterwards and they said it's quite rare to spot a chameleon on the trail as they tend to stay in undergrowth more, so we were really lucky.

It really made my day! I hope you like the chameleon picture I took too.

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Great chameleon picture
by: Helen

What a fabulous picture. We see them quite often when out cycling on the trails and have also photographed chameleons in our garden where we have a lot of bushes.

We're always on the look-out as they move slowly, so if you're not paying attention, you can easily run them over either with your bike or car.

Thanks for sharing your chameleon pic!

Chameleon photo
by: John

What an amazing shot of a green chameleon - such vivid colours.

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