Cats in Cyprus

by Geoff

I have read several reviews on various hotels and almost all state that there are numerous cats. My partner is allergic to cats so can you tell me are there lots and lots of them on Cyprus especially around hotels in Paphos?

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May 18, 2012
Website owner
by: Helen

There are lots of cats in Cyprus but the average age is only 6 months as many are run over by cars or die from lack of nutrition.

I can't comment on the exact number of cats in any one resort or particular hotel. They are good to have around as a) they prevent snakes getting too close and b) they keep vermin away eg. rats! Which would you prefer?

You really don't need to worry too much. If you are allergic to them, don't touch them or give them food as many tourists do as they are so "cute."

You won't find them resident in your hotel rooms so if you do have a problem around the hotel grounds, just ask the hotel staff to get rid of them. When this happens they are usually poisoned or culled, as in Greece, by putting glass in scraps of food!

If you have read lots of negative reviews on hotels, either don't come to Cyprus or take a chance. We have tiled floors so you won't fleas or allergies from cats on the ground and even my friend who is allergic to cats has no problem when he comes to our home - no carpets no problem!

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