Car rental in Cyprus

by Yazan

Congratulations on your website, it is truly helpful.

We are planning our trip to Cyprus for nine days and we will be arriving and leaving from Larnaca. I am planning on renting a car to be free to go around. Part of our trip will be to enter and sleep in TRNC in Girne, so I wanted to know which car rental company allows me to enter there and for the insurance to be covered.

Also, we are planning on entering from Nicosia and exiting from the border near Kato Pyrgos, would that be fine or do we have to exit from where ever we enter from?

Thank you very much :)

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Jun 11, 2012
Car hire and crossing the Cyprus border
by: Helen

Thanks for your kind comments.

The bad news is that I can't recommend any car hire company to you as none to my knowledge will let you take your car across the border. This is due to different administration/government issues and the fact that your car hire insurance won't cover you across the border.

While you can buy insurance at the border (it's compulsory whether you are a tourist or a resident in the south), you are only covered for third party and if you break down in the TRNC you are on your own. In other words the breakdown service included in the car hire price won't apply if you break down over there - we know as we had friends who had to pay a lot of money to be transported to the border as their private car insurance would only cover them from the point they crossed back into the south. You also risk getting into trouble with your hire car company if you take the risk and cross.

Sounds like you want to spend a fair bit of time in the TRNC. I would advise you therefore get a hire car in the North (just Google it as I don't know any to recommend sorry) and most will come to the border or even the airport to pick you up. The same is not true in the South as you must understand that the TRNC is only recognised by Turkey (and hated by most Greek Cypriots) and no Greek Cypriot company would ever cross the border to give business to those who invaded their country.

There is more than enough to keep you occupied in SOUTH Cyprus and many unspoilt parts of the island in the north west and the Troodos so why bother trying to cross into the TRNC? You can, by the way, cross at any border crossing and don't need to re-enter by the one you went through.

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