Car insurance in TRNC

by Roger

Is it possible to buy car insurance prior to arrival at the border crossing as I will be arriving at the crossing late evening and am aware that sometimes the "insurance shop" is only open during the day.

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Sep 23, 2013
Car insurance for crossing Cyprus border
by: Helen (website owner)

Yes you can buy car insurance in advance of crossing the Cyprus border, but you need the contact details of the relevant insurance company.

I'm afraid I don't know of one, as I've only been across to the North once, though someone once mentioned they had used a company based in Nicosia (TRNC side) to book their insurance in advance. It was problematic as the paperwork didn't come through and I know that post sent from the North to the South often doesn't get delivered.

I don't have any plans to go back there, so I've never bothered to research it further, but I would suggest the best way would be to go to the border in the day time to get the insurance details and buy it there and then as the wait for paperwork in the post may be a long one!

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