Can we hire a baby buggy?

by Dave Warneford

We're coming to Polis again in 3 weeks. This time with the whole family. Our grandson will be 18 months old and not able to walk too far. Dad and Mum don't want him to be in the back sling because of the heat.

I've checked all the answers on the site but can't find one that deals with pushchairs. Do you know anywhere around Polis where we can hire one or a buggy? If not, can you give us an idea how much a cheap one would cost and where it can be bought.

As in previous years, we have spent a lot of time trawling for information about our holiday. Yet again we find that we always return to CTS because there is nothing to match the content anywhere else. Furthermore, your advice is always 'on the button' - even when you don't have an answer you always go that bit further to help. You're amazing. Where do you find the time to help so many people?
Very Best Wishes,
Dave Warneford

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May 09, 2013
Baby Buggy Hire
by: Dave Warneford

Hi Helen,
Thanks for the advice. The everyday buggy is built like a tank so we're off to look for a lightweight version in the car-boot sale/charity shops.
Best Regards,

May 09, 2013
Pushchair hire in Polis Cyprus
by: Helen (website owner)

My quick answer is I have no idea if you can hire baby buggies. I think probably not as I've never seen any signs in Polis or Paphos.

My next immediate response if you are thinking of buying one is why not bring your own buggy with you? Everyone I've ever seen with small children on the plane always has a buggy to collect at the baggage carousel, either to push them around while walking or a car seat to pop them in a car - most hire car companies offer child buggies anyway.

It can't possibly be cheaper to buy one rather than pay (if you have to) to carry one on the plane and from experience, most large items like that are much more expensive in Cyprus than buying in the UK or ordering online.

As for shops to buy them? I've only seen specialist baby shops in Paphos and have no idea on price. Sorry can't be of more help.

My advice is to bring your own with you.

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