Camping in Cyprus near the sea

by Eleana Christofi

Your site is very helpful, congratulations!

I have seen the information for camping sites, but I would like to ask you about it.

Perhaps you don't know about this, but at the camping site in Polis, a lot of trees have been cut down due to "hazard issues" and there is not much shade, so not a lot of space for camping.

So now I'm looking for another place for camping, but I want to camp next to the beach. It's the only way I can truly relax!

I don't really like the Governor's Beach side - it's always too crowded- and I have never been at Geroskipou Zenon Gardens, is it on the beach?

I don't mind if it's not an organized camping space, even if you have a nice beach to suggest with a few trees, where we could set up 2-3 tents without bothering anybody. It would also be great if there was a Kiosk or market near by (lets say 15 minutes away) in order to buy some supplies if we run out.

Somebody told me about a beach in Kato Pyrgos, maybe it's the Mansoura Beach? Do you know if it would be a good place to camp?

Thank you in advance for all your help!

Kind regards,


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Jul 03, 2014
Camping near the beach in Cyprus
by: Helen (website owner)

The beach at Kato Pyrgos near Mansoura is very quiet and secluded, though not too much shade there from memory.

I do know about the Polis site problems. There have been several fires there recently - the last one just a few days ago, which is why the trees have been removed. I think there's also a dispute over the ownership as the council didn't want to run the Polis site.

Many people camp out on the Akamas during the summer, but this is actually illegal! It's also a good 40 mins from Latchi along a very rough track and people leave all sorts of rubbish behind when they leave which is truly disgusting, so I don't recommend you go there.

To be honest, outside of the offical camp sites, I don't want to suggest anywhere else as many people seem to just pitch their tents wherever they feel like in the summer. My preference for tranquillity is to head for the mountains which is why the Stavros camp site is my favourite. Just take plenty of supplies with you! The beaches are way too crowded in high summer, even our quiet side of the island near Polis.

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