Buy/Order "Black Olive Oil" ("kara yag" or "mavrolado") for delivery in Germany

by R. Soran
(Frankfurt - Germany)

Hello Dear readers!

I desperately need for our incurably ill daughter "black olive oil" (kara yag or mavrolado). It seems to be the only oil she can digest without problems, say her doctors at the Frankfurt University Clinic.

I know that there is an oil factory producing black oil on Karpaz, but they don't answer. I am sure there are more sources on the island, but I don't know them. I also wrote to many others in Cyprus, but nobody even answered.

Could any of you help me to get a few liters from whomever? I live in Frankfurt/Germany and I am unfortunately unable to travel for the next 5-8 months.

Many, many thanks and best regards
Prof. Dr. Robert M. Soran

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Apr 11, 2017
Black olive oil
by: Helen

Hi Robert

I don't have any frehsly pressed oil currently as didn't get to the factory last year.

I'm not sure whether the "black" olive oil you mean is just oil pressed from freshly picked black olives and unfiltered/no additives as after pressing it is in a pure organic state, or whether you mean oil produced from the black olives that are left to dry and shrivel before being pressed.

This produces a very strong and rather bitter (in my opinion) oil. Tiis one is very rare as only a few Cypriots dry the olives and then press them this way.

If it is just freshly pressed black olive oil you need, then there should be plenty around so maybe someone can help.

Perhaps if you clarify what you need it may be easier for someone to tell you if they have some.

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