Bringing my wife to Cyprus.

by Les Beckett.

I am a UK passport holder and I hold an MEU3.

I recently got married to a non-EU citizen in the North.
She is from Zimbabwe and now has a Bsc in Nursing, but probably the qualification will not be recognised in Cyprus.
How do I manage to bring my wife to Cyprus, where I own my own apartment?
Any help or advice much appreciated.
We are not a part of the Cyprus problem, but are being kept apart because of the problem.

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Oct 01, 2020
Bringing spouse to Cyprus as a Cyprus resident
by: Helen

Hi Les

I am not an immigration expert sorry, so I would suggest you contact both the British High Commission in Nicosia and also the Cypriot embassy here to ask for advice.

I know that there are problems currently due to the Covid-19 crisis in allowing relatives to cross from the North. I've read that many couples have been separated for months.

If you hold an MEU3 then presumably you have lived in Cyprus for over 5 years so would qualify as a "permanent" resident to allow your wife to join you in the south. But she would then have to apply for her own MEU1 to legally live in the Republic.

I guess it also depends on whether you are still working or retired on a pension with regard to "supporting" your wife should she come to the south. I'm sure there would be opportunities for her work in the medical sector, but again I don't know.

Sorry can't be any more help but the embassies are your first port of call.

Good luck


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