Birds of prey in Cyprus

by dave morris
(midlands, england)

Are there birds of prey in Cyprus? Going for the first time next week, was not impressed with Malta, did not see one live bird, even a seagull; these people shoot every migrating bird they see, I hope they are not like that on Cyprus,

thanks, Dave.

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Sep 26, 2014
Birds of prey in Cyprus
by: Martin

I have been to Cyprus many times and have seen a lot of raptors in most months of the year however several have what we called Maltese moult,wing damage from shooting, If you go to the Troudos mountains you can see a good selection.

Sep 13, 2014
cyprus birds
by: Anonymous

I live in Pervolia, eastern Cyprus and every day, in the early morning and early evening the nutters are out in the fields with their shotguns, blasting at anything that flies.
Right now there are a pair of marsh harriers in the area. I can only hope they survive.

Mar 21, 2014
by: Roger

While visiting daughter near Limousel have seen HARRIER - large wingspan and tell tale white rump band - not sure of species since only got close (25 yards !!)

Mar 19, 2014
by: roger

Have twice seen a large beautiful HARRIER SPECIES while holidaying half hour from limousel in Cyprus near coast.Tell tale white rump long tail. Pair and single.Books say rare sighting in spring for all species.

Jul 06, 2012
Bird Of prey
by: Anonymous

Recently at the Tomb of Kings I photgraphed a bird of prey, It looks like a kestrel...anybody know what it could be?


R. Dyer

Oct 10, 2010
Birds of Cyprus
by: Helen (website owner)

Yes we have plenty of birds of prey in Cyprus. Sadly we also have a large percentage of hunters on the island too.

Many of the migrating birds will have left by mid October (best time to see them is in the spring)- clever things as they must know that the hunting season starts end October until end February! For information, Sundays and Wedensdays are shooting days if you go bird watching!

But in the hills and valleys near Polis where we live we see falcons, buzzards and eagles all the time. There are also vultures in the Vretsia valley area.

There's a great little book we have called Birds and Mammals of Cyprus which gives a good guide of what you can find, where and when for bird watching.

Enjoy your trip.

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