Bird being watched by a cat

by Mike Strand
(Leicester UK)

Robin being watched by a cat

Robin being watched by a cat

I took this bird image near the Pillar of St Paul in Kato Pafos. He was being watched by a hungry cat but as I couldn't get both into the same picture, here's the link to my picture (of the cat).

I never did find out if he became lunch, but as the cat didn't seem too keen to climb the tree, I guess the cat went hungry.

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Mar 31, 2009
Robin picture
by: Helen

Cute picture of the Robin.

Somehow I think the cat did not get lucky that day. When I watch my cats hunting, they often gaze longingly at small birds, then make a half-hearted effort to grab them, just as the bird flies off!

I reckon my cats only catch birds when the bird falls off a branch and the cats are sitting right underneath. Then again, they do seem to catch quite a few birds, usually when they have been finicky and refused to eat their normal cat food for days...

One day, I will get a picture of one of my cats actually catching a bird in action.

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