Arni the new cute dog around our Cyprus house

by Helen

Arni just a few weeks old

Arni just a few weeks old

We found Arni a couple of weeks ago when out walking our other dog Rocky in the valley below our house. It was 6.15 in the morning and we had made an early start to beat the intense summer heat of July.

About 15 minutes from home, we saw what we thought was a tiny lamb in the distance on the track. When we got closer we realised it was a tiny puppy and Rocky immediately tried to play with him.Hhe followed us on wobbly legs for a few hundred metres then collapsed onto the floor so we picked him up and took him home.

As soon as he got to the house, he frantically gulped down half a litre of water and a bowl of catfood which our cats hadn't eaten. He was so dehydrated and hungry plus he was plastered in large ticks; his ears in particular were infested with them and there was lots of dried blood,

An hour later, we had removed all the ticks, given him a good bath then wondered what to do with him. A day later, we had fallen in love with him and he's been here ever since! Rocky is pleased to have found a new play-mate and he's a clever little dog.

Why did we call him Arni? Well arni is the Greek word for lamb or goat at the butchers...

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