Arni our rescue dog growing bigger by the day

by Helen

Arni at 6 weeks old

Arni at 6 weeks old

Thought I would share a few pictures of Arni, the new rescue pup we found in the summer. At 6 weeks, we knew he was going to be a big dog as he was fast getting as tall as our other small dog Rocky!

He's a total mischief too, as when he was tiny, he loved to pull plants over, dig earth out of the pots and then scatter it everywhere. While he's stopped pulling the pots over, he's now moved onto the woodstore so whenever we come home from shopping, there are bits of wood everywhere in the drive!

House training only took us about 2 weeks and he and Rocky get along really well, so we're pleased we decided to have given yet another unwanted pup a home.

We weighed him last week and he is now just over 12kg. He's a scruffy looking dog but very cute and loving. You can't help but love him back.

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