Advanced Modern Greek lessons on Cyprus

by Ms Raphaella Nicol

Where, outside of the University in Nicosia, can I get advanced Modern Greek lessons on Cyprus please? I am drawing a blank... thanks

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Dec 02, 2010
Greek Language in Larnaca
by: Helen

Hi everybody. I have already read your comments on advanced Modern Greek Lessons. I live in Cyprus for 8 years, in Larnaca district, and I have made many efforts to acquire the local language. I have attended the free governmental courses without big success, probably because of the big gap between the lessons or because of the change of our teachers. If you are searching for a methodic and well organised course for advanced Modern Greek it might be worthy to look for LEARN4GOOD LARNACA.

It is a small private institute specialising in teaching Greek as a foreign language. They create small groups and they do the lessons intensively. But again you need to put a lot of effort and concentration so as to reach an advanced level of Greek.

Jul 13, 2010
Greek Lessons in Limassol
by: Sandy

I have had greek language lessons in Limassol in a place called totalcy education . I had basic training in a small group of 6 and advance training in private lessons. Phone is 25103848.

Jan 30, 2008
Advanced Greek lessons (online)
by: Helen

Hi Nicol

Good question! My Greek isn't quite up to advanced standard yet so I didn't have an immediate answer.

But I had a quick look at the FREE lessons from CYBC- see the Free Greek Lessons link on the Learn Greek page - (lessons are only available online though I'm afraid).

Out of the 105 lessons, lessons 76 onwards are classified as Advanced. I had a quick listen and didn't understand a whole lot straightaway so this might be a good place to start.
At any rate, the lessons are free so as long as you have a broadband connection there's no cost, although there are books to go with each block of lessons if you want to see the written Greek too.

My husband just bought one of the books for the beginners section and it cost 17 Euros. If you think they are advanced enough, let us know by adding a comment.

If I come across anything else in the meantime I'll let you know.

Best Wishes


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