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I asked visitors to tell me about their favourite Cyprus restaurant back in January 2007, when I started Cyprus Travel Secrets.

They filled in a form on the site and, as the site grew, I started to get lots more recommendations, so many in fact, that I had to find a better way to keep track of them all...not to mention my growing list of tavernas I needed to try!

The solution was to offer an interactive page where visitors could write their own restaurant review and add pictures of a memorable meal, if they wanted to.

The original Cyprus restaurant recommendations can be found near the bottom of this page, but you can get interactive and read the taverna reviews from visitors to the site, or write a review about your favourite taverna/eatery in Cyprus here.

I will be honest about Cypriot tavernas - they don't ALWAYS produce an excellent meal and I've had "average" meals even in my favourite places.

But the reason I like eating in village tavernas is that the cooking is usually done by the same person (often the owner) and you can enjoy some great meze style dishes with constantly changing ingredients, as opposed to some establishments where you get the same old menu every time.

So why not share your favourite Cyprus restuarant too. We really want to hear about YOUR great meze or any other meal and why you love your favourite taverna so much!

If you have a picture of your favourite taverna even better - you can upload it directly onto our site and create your own restaurant webpage.

Kali Orexi!

Your Best Cyprus Restaurant

Your favourite Cypriot tavernas - old recommendations from 2007-2008

Agrospito tavern and Kanaris tavern in Yermasoyia village, Limassol
Omodhos tavern and Ambelothea tavern in Omodhos village, Limassol

Suggested by Marianna from Limassol: "All the locals eat at these great tavernas"

Georgia meze house in Paphos

Suggested by Henk from the Netherlands: "Goede meze ja ja"

Fat Mamas in Paphos (Tomb of the King's Road)

Suggested by John from the UK: "It's a great place, the cheesy potatoes were just beautiful and the drinks were fantastic." Our verdict: "Great entertainment while you eat too!"

Raj Indian restaurant in Kato Paphos (opposite the aquarium - NB: the aquarium is now closed but the Raj is still there as at Nov 2011)

Suggested by Robin from Kamares village: "Fantastic authentic Indian cuisine and excellent personalised service"

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