Cyprus wine is UNIQUE

But you need to ask a local to find the best Cyprus wine

"Few wines will excite"

Sotheby's wine encyclopedia

so says the "New Sotheby's Wine Encyclopedia
in its pitifully small comment about Cypriot wine.

Huh! What little do they know?

It IS true that some Cyprus wines are pretty foul tasting, if not undrinkable, making it difficult to choose a decent wine at a restaurant.

Many visitors and ex pats tend to order "village wine" in a carafe which is frankly quite horrible served straight from a carton or worse from a huge plastic container. The wine is oxidised before it ever reaches your glass and then people wonder why it tastes like vinegar!

BUT we LOVE the wine in Cyprus and, having lived on the island for several years now, we've made it our mission to hunt out the best local wine.

And we've found it...!

Cyprus grapes

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Cyprus Wine Facts

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