Free Greek lessons!

Some people find the only way to learn Greek is to have lessons, especially if they are free Greek lessons!

We found this excellent course a few months ago:

Learn Greek FREE - Click the button below

learn greek free

There are 105 lessons in total and the focus is on learning to SPEAK Greek rather than understandthe grammar which puts SO many people off.

The only downside to these lessons is you need to commit a lot of your time, a half hour per lesson and you really need to repeat most lessons to make the words stick properly.

But if listening to a language is your preferred way to learn Greek quickly, then why not try an audio book?

Easy to download into your MP3 player or to copy onto a CD for the car or whatever.

Listen, learn and practice wheneveryou want. I find the ironing goes much quicker when I have to concentrate on listening to Greek...!

But which audio book?

A friend of ours surprised us all last week when she ordered everything in Greek at a local taverna...having never uttereda word in Greek before!

Her secret was this little audiobook: 40 Minute Greek:

We just got our copy and it's a great, fast way to learn the basics. Just click on the link below to find out more.

Or how about IN-FLIGHT Greek?

With this great CD and accompanying book, learn the basics in a couple of hours. What better way to pass the time on a flight?

Find out how to get hold of IN-FLIGHT Greek here.

If you really get confident after your first Greek lessons, you'll probably need a dictionary as back-up.

Greek dictionary We've bought several and some are better than others. Our best recommendation is the Pocket Oxford Greek Dictionary ISBN 0-19-860327-4

Buy this Book

Greek phrase book

Or try this great little pocket sized dictionary/phrase book. It's cheap and much better than just a pocket dictionary. It also tells you how to pronounce the words properly:

The Rough Guide Dictionary Phrasebook ISBN 1-85828-643-3

Buy this Book
Plus check out our Books page for other recommended books if you want to go down the Teach Yourself route.

You'll find it so rewarding on your next visit to Cyprus or Greece if you learn a foreign language like Greek.

Remember. Don't forget those Free Greek lessons.

Just click on the link, listen and learn Greek Free.

Kali Teekhee!

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