For a cheap destination wedding, Cyprus is the perfect place

cheap destination wedding

The best way to organise a cheap destination wedding in Cyprus is to organise everything yourself.

Easy if you live here or have friends or relatives who live on the island, but not so simple if you do not.

But you CAN still organise a cheap destination wedding in Cyprus if you just use a wedding planner in Cyprus to sort out the legalities and paperwork and you arrange everything else yourself.

If this sounds daunting, just follow our tips.

Planning for a Cheap Destination Wedding in Cyprus

  • For accommodation in Cyprus, consider a cheap Cyprus holiday package. With your flights and cheap Cyprus hotel booked, all you then need to do is plan the reception and party afterwards. Some people like to book a room in a smart spa hotel

for their wedding night but as you will only spend a few hours there after your big day, why not save money and book the spa a few days later, if your budget allows.

  • You can make very cheap wedding invitations by buying some postcards and sticking them onto some high quality card. Choose a card in keeping with your colour theme for the day.
  • wedding cake
  • For a cheap wedding cake, Cyprus has hundreds of gorgeous bakeries.
    Give them a few days notice when you arrive and they can put your invitation postcard onto the cake. Our friends just got married and had this special cake made - just a simple Cyprus sponge cake which looked so special with their invitation on top!
  • For cheap wedding flowers just pop into a Cyprus florist and order a simple bouquet of whetever takes your fancy. You shouldn't need to spend more than about €50 to get something really special. OR go for an artificial bouquet made of silk flowers that look like the real thing - order in advance and take it on the plane with you!
  • You may want to buy your dress beforehand but if you're planning to have your Cyprus wedding near the beach, why not go for one of the many cheap beach wedding dresses available - something cool and summery perhaps? We have Debenhams here in Cyprus now so if you haven't got your dress before you get on the plane, then you might pick up a cheap designer wedding dress from one of the many designer ranges in the store.
  • As for the reception, almost every little taverna in Cyprus will happily put on a wedding reception for you in true Cyprus style and all it will cost you is the price of a good meze. Just choose a taverna with a good location, perhaps one on the beach or a romantic little taverna in the hills. You can take along your own bottles of bubbly if you arrange this with the taverna owner in advance and the staff will probably join in with your celebrations once they have finished serving.
  • For photographs, just get your friends to take lots of wedding snaps (check these photography tips first)- almost everyone has a reasonable quality digital camera these days. These will be so much more natural than some of the expensive official photographer pictures which sometimes disappoint.
  • cyprus boat trip

  • Finally, you can add style to your wedding on a budget by finishing your day with a Cyprus boat trip. Just ask the boat charters at the harbour what their rate would be for an evening Cyprus cruise.
    For example, in Latchi, our friends chartered one of the harbour boats for a few hours and got a very cheap rate - the boat would otherwise have been sitting in the harbour anyway.
  • So you can have that cheap destination wedding in Cyprus and still have money left for the all important honeymoon on Aphrodite's island.

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