NEW 101 Things to Do in Cyprus eGuide

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NEW 101 Things to Do in Cyprus eGuide

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This newsletter is a special edition to tell you about my brand new 101 Things to do in Cyprus guide.

101 things to do in Cyprus

101 Things to Do in Cyprus Guide only £4.25

Don't miss out on the best things Cyprus has to offer. Use my insider knowledge to visit the best attractions, discover hidden mountain villages, eat the best food and find things to do for the kids.

The guide is an expanded version of my 101 things to do page and contains a full description of each "thing to do," images of various attractions, deserted beaches and food etc. plus, most importantly, LINKS to other websites to enable you to either find out more information or make a booking for something.

It costs just £4.25 and I wanted my newsletter subscribers to be the first to know about it.

So if you're interested in buying a unique 101 things to do in Cyprus guide to store on your iPad or smartphone and carry around with you as you travel, just go to my 101 things to do in Cyprus eGuide page to pay by Paypal and download the guide.



Just one piece of news for this bulletin:

Colossal rainfall in January leads to Celebrations

After the wettest January on record, reservoirs are overflowing and everyone is celebrating.

See pictures and find out more here

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