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While it may seem a little dull taking about the weather, I thought I'd tell you about the enormous amounts of rain we've just had in January which is continuing into February as I write.

Colossal rainfall in January leads to Celebrations

While winter can be a wonderful time to visit Cyprus, I do feel sorry for any tourists who decided to visit the island in January this year (2012). Why?

We've just experienced the wettest January for over 100 years with 92.6 million cubic metres (MCM) of water flowing into the island's reservoirs. Constant heavy rain, hail and very cold temperatures (by Cypriot standards) has been the norm for most of the month.

To illustrate just how collossal this amount of rain was, this figure surpassed the WHOLE of 2011 by 29 MCM - granted we did not have very heavy rainfall last year as January rainfall was almost non existant, but the constant rain has meant that the majority of the island's reservoirs have already overflowed.

And the overflow has put huge smiles on the faces of locals as only 3.5 years ago, we had a severe drought. At the 2nd largest dam, the Asprokremmos in Paphos, locals have been celebrating the reservoir overflowing with stalls offering food, wine and other items in a crazy festival-like atmosphere.

You can see for yourself here just how full the reservoirs are here.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Evretou dam near Polis which will overflow this week. The first shows how full it was a week ago:

evretou dam full

The second was taken in November 2009 when the reservoir was almost empty - so empty in fact that a long-forgotten Venetian bridge appeared as if by magic in the middle of the dam:


But some locals have been worried as the Evretou above, in particular, has caused flooding concerns; when the sluice gates open to let out the excess water, it then has to find its way down to the sea and, in the Evretou's case, this is via the old riverbed which has been dry for over 20 years. The riverbed is now filled with debris and in some cases household rubbish, all of which could block the water's path and lead to flooding of the valley floor.

Needless to say, the local authorities have been clearing as much as they can and warning people to get to higher ground if they happen to live on the same level as the riverbed!

While sustained heavy rain is not the norm here in Cyprus - instead it tends to monsoon for an hour, the the sun comes back out - this year's rain proves how ugly the weather can be here in Cyprus.

Personally I'm happy that spring is just around the corner early and that the countryside is wonderfully green again plus, in between the showers last week, we spotted many early wild flowers, so there are some positives. Plus we won't have a water shortage this year or even next year as we have already had enough water to last us for 15 months with lots more to flow down from the mountains over the next 2 months.

So come on over to Cyprus soon to look at what will be a dazzling array of spring wild flowers in 2012 after the wettest January ever!

That's all from our Cyprus Latest News Feb12.

See you next time.



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