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Don't miss live sports if you live in Cyprus. Watch UK TV abroad and important live sports events by setting up a VPN for live sports streaming on your PC, laptop or tablet.

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watchuktvabroad Watch UK TV Abroad

Have you moved to Cyprus, but can't find an affordable way to watch your favourite UK TV programmes? Got a huge satellite dish which no longer lets you watch Sky or get the BBC and ITV channels you love?

When we first moved here in 2005, Cyprus was pretty backward when it came to modern technology in terms of broadband internet. You just couldn't get it unless you had a main line telephone and getting a telephone line put in to start with was nigh on impossible depending on where you live.

On top of that speeds were very slow, so it wasn't possible to watch TV through the internet as there was too much buffering.

Live Sports Streaming

Well the good news is that broadband speeds are now very fast with plenty of options for internet connections from using Cyta, the main telephone company via a telephone landline, using a rival company like Primetel offering all the same services as Cyta, through to stand-alone satellite options such as ours if you live in a remote location.

Tip: If you invested in a large 4.5m satellite dish to watch SKY and other UK channels like BBC 1 and ITV, then it's probably now redundant since SKY narrowed the signal band to stop illegal watching of their channels. The alternative is to get a fast broadband connection and watch TV through the internet.

With fast download speeds of 2 mbps or more, live sports streaming should be easy right?

Well yes and no. If like us, you no longer have a UK address and you only have a credit card with a Cyprus billing address, then it becomes more difficult to watch UK channels as many, including SKY, require you to have a UK billing address AND a UK-based ISP.

Watch SKY Sports abroad

But I have found a way round getting Sky and your favourite premium channels using what is called a VPN which stands for virtual private network.

Sounds like tech jargon? Yes it is, but don't worry, it's not complicated.

VPN Tunnel

By subscribing to a VPN (virtual private network) service like Watch Uk TV Abroad you can get a UK-based ISP address via what is known as a VPN tunnel. In simple terms, all that means is you pay a small fee per month to the VPN service provider and they then give you a UK ISP address and send your UK channels over the internet. You don't have to watch programmes live as you can just download them to watch at your leisure later.

But what about live sports streaming?

Tip: The beauty about Watch Uk TV Abroad is that you can buy a subscription to SKY Go through them rather than Sky (which requires a UK billing address), which then gives you access to ALL the main SKY channels including live games which are just streamed as they happen. It costs ONLY £6.49 per month which is WAY cheaper than the normal full Sky package when bought in the UK.

So you need never have problems to watch Uk TV abroad again.

Tip: Some friends use free live sports streaming sites like WSIWIG, but you need to be a bit of a geek to set it up properly and there is the real risk of infecting your PC with a virus by having to download the software to watch the live stream if you can work out what software you need in the first place! Even then, buffering is common especially on big games when everyone is logged onto the same website trying to watch for free.

So forget a big satellite dish. Just get a fast broadband connection and then set up a VPN to watch your favourite UK tv channels abroad in Cyprus, including Sky Go to give access to the full spectrum of Sky channels if you need them.

Tip: get a FREE 24 hour trial of Watch Uk TV Abroad. Just follow the link to start watching right now.

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