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Need travel insurance Cyprus for your holidays?

Read my tips on best buys and the coverage you need to cover all eventualities.

Cyprus Travel Insurance

You've booked the flight and found your perfect holiday accommodation in Cyprus, all at a great price. But now you need holiday travel insurance Cyprus and you don't know where to start.

If you booked a package holiday to Cyprus, you will have been offered travel insurance as an "extra". It always amazes me how many people still take the easy option and book their Cyprus holiday insurance with their tour operator.

TIP: You can ALWAYS get a cheaper deal elsewhere as tour operators charge a premium on any insurance policy they sell ie. they add on a hefty commission!

See my page on Recommended Cyprus Travel insurance companies

How to choose Travel Insurance Cyprus

  • Decide whether you want to buy a single trip or multi trip travel insurance policy. While a multi trip policy will sound expensive, typically around €100 per person, if you plan to make more than one trip abroad, these types of travel insurance policy are usually the best value.And they are also available for over 65's from companies like Flexicover. The best multi trip policies also cover you for trips within your own country so you can be covered on long weekends away.
  • Consider the type of cover you need. Beach lovers may be fine with a simple travel insurance policy but if you plan to do anything adventurous on holiday, then you will need additional insurance cover. If you plan to dive, for example, you will need scuba diving travel insurance or if you want to hurtle down a hill on a mountain bike, then you need appropriate extreme sports cover.

TIP: Read the small print of any travel insurance policy BEFORE you buy. You may think you are covered for something when you're not so always ask for clarification if you are not sure.

  • Make sure you have adequate cover for your valuables. The limits on cash and baggage loss are usually quite low so if you like to travel "heavy" (Yes you always get that "Caution - heavy item" sticker on your luggage!) then think about what you will be taking and how much it would cost to replace it if lost or stolen.
  • Most online travel insurance policies have a maximum age limit of 65 years so if you are aged 65 or over you will need to look for specialist over 65's travel insurance.
  • True adventure seekers must ensure their Cyprus travel insurance policy has cover for repatriation. This ensures that, in the event of an accident which requires an airlift from Cyprus to your home country, you will not have to take out a mortgage to cover the costs!
  • Companies offering Travel Insurance Cyprus

    The best way for most people to compare cheap travel insurance is to buy online.

    If you live in the UK, there are hundreds of insurance companies including big brand names more commonly known for selling groceries and toiletries like Tesco or Boots. These companies have diversified into insurance products and offer great value for money versus mainstream travel insurance providers, but do READ the SMALL PRINT before you buy your travel insurance Cyprus.

    Especially, since 2020,  in the light of Covid-19 - make sure you are covered for any eventuality. Plus remember that if you do have to make a claim, you want a reputable company that will pay out quickly.

    I do miss the ease of booking insurance online as most Cyprus holiday insurance companies are notoriously slow in processing quotes and you always have to visit their offices to actually purchase a policy.

    We always used Norwich Union (now called AVIVA) for online multi trip travel insurance and they ALWAYS paid out promptly when we had to make a claim, unlike a cheaper policy we once bought which caused us headaches when we had to cancel due to a death in the family.

    See our page on Recommended Cyprus Travel insurance companies

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