Do you love olive oil as much as the Cypriots do?

Olive oil is an essential ingredient of every meal in Cyprus.

bottle olive oil

From bowls of olives in your plate of appetizers to lashings of the golden liquid in almost every Cyprus recipe, cooking with olive oil forms a key part of the Cypriot Mediterranean diet.

We love the taste of olives and their oil, especially the cold pressed variety and we were SO pleased when we discovered the local pressing factory...the locals secret source of cheap amber nectar and the best place to see exactly how to make the extra virgin stuff!

  • From October to January, locals bring their olives for pressing.
  • The fruits are weighed and put into a giant hopper.
  • They then go through a state of the art machine which separates the skins and stones to extract the juice.
  • Then the oil is passed through several filters and pressed again, producing a gorgeous green liquid - cold pressed extra virgin amber nectar.
  • The oil is slightly cloudy at first but becomes clear once the "lathi" has settled.

Whilst you wait, you can grab a coffee and sample some bread dipped into freshly pressed oil. Cloudy or not, it tastes wonderful!

Some of the locals have lots of olive trees so they sell the oil produced to local shops and the public. But you can use the factory even if you only have one olive tree - just expect the locals to laugh a little when you turn up!

Did you know?
A healthy mature olive tree can produce around 70 litres of oil!

Where to find the factory

Take the B7 road from Polis to Paphos. When you reach Goudi, approximately 5 km from Polis, look for a used car dealership on the right.

The factory is behind the car dealership.

You can buy cheap extra virgin olive oil at the factory in 4 litre or 20 litre containers. Prices are from EUR€18-20 for the 4 litre container. The more you buy, the cheaper it is!

The 20 litre container is great value if you like to marinate your own olives or you do a lot of cooking with olive oil eg. making olive bread (a Cypriot speciality).

And talking of marinating, how do you turn a freshly picked olive into a succulent edible one?

NB:If you have ever tried to eat an olive straight from the tree, you will know what I mean - it's VERY bitter and VERY hard!)

Find out how to cure olives here.

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