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Kangoo Jumps in Europe - Cyprus!

Fun fitness in the sun with Kangoo Jumps

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Looking for some real fun in the sun? Rebound shoes are the one of the hottest fitness trends in Europe right now and they are perfectly suited to Cyprus!


They may look space-age (and perhaps they are as NASA use them to re-train astronauts on terra firma after a spell in outer space) and totally weird but these rebound shoes called Kangoo Jumps offer an amazing new way to exercise SAFELY without any damage to legs and muscles.

These rebound boots were developed in Switzerland as an aid for physiotherapists trying to re-habilitate athletes with injuries which prevented them from doing any high impact exercise like running or jumping.

Basically you run, walk, jog, hop and jump your way to fitness using shoes that rebound or compress each time you move. Celebrities like Kim and Kourtney Kadashian have dubbed them pogo shoes used for their latest craze pogo jogging.

Rebound boots like these take a few minutes to get used to - it's a little weird standing up in boots with an egg-shaped curved bottom! - but after 15 minutes you are totally hooked and whether doing 5 minutes or 30 minutes exercise a day to your favourite music, it's TOTALLY addictive!

Rebound Shoes in Cyprus

Rebound shoes are perfect for Cyprus as the sun is nearly always shining. And what better way to have fun fitness sessions than jogging along the sea front in a pair of these weird shoes. You will get admiring looks and everyone will want to know where you got them from!

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NB KJ's are not exactly cheap at €199 but they are effectively a gym in bag and as they protect the joints by reducing impact by up to 80% they are great SAFE way to exercise. Plus they can be enjoyed by people of ANY age and fitness level.

Check out the Kangoo Jumps website for more information including videos, pictures and, most importantly, the HEALTH benefits of doing rebound exercise.

It's the most fun in the sun I've had in Cyprus for ages!

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